What Do You Really Need a Permit For?

Building Permits And Why You Need Them

If you’re looking to make significant, non-cosmetic (painting, plastering) changes to your home, you’ll need individual permits from your city housing board. Though permit requirements vary from city to city (and by the size and scope of your plan) generally you’ll need a permit for major structural or electrical projects. Here are some of the projects you really need a permit for, though you are still encouraged to double-check with your individual city board:

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Building a Fence. A fence less than six feet tall usually won’t require a permit in anywhere other than a city. If you share a fence with a neighbor and are planning on alterations, however, be prepared to get written consent from him/her before applying.

Getting Your Home Ready For Winter

Safety First.

Inside your home, the winter cold can be more hazardous than summer heat, because heating a home can be done in so many different (and potentially unsafe) ways; wood fireplace, gas fireplace, radiant heat, electric heat, oil or gas furnace, boiler, even leaving open an oven! Conversely, there are few ways to cool air temperature; you can either circulate the air, pump in cool air (air conditioning) or pull out warm air (heat pumps).

Turning on that furnace for the first time after months of inactivity is often a shock. It can literally be a shock to your heating system, or it might be a shocking experience when you get your first heating bill! But there are common sense things you can do to get your heating system ready for winter. And, take it from a technician who visits a variety of homes every day, most people do not adequately prepare their home for the peak winter months. Here is some advice to consider before the next big chill.

Top Ten Remodeling Tips

Remodeling Tips

Bathroom RemodelingRemodeling your home can be a great alternative to moving and building a new home. This is especially true in today’s real estate and financial markets. A well planned and executed remodeling project can significantly increase the value and comfort of your home. Having said that I wanted to share some remodeling tips that are sure to help make your next project a more successful one.